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Internet of Things (IoT) Kit

Thank you for your interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) Kit.

Below you'll find information on how to efficiently capture, store, process, manage, and drive business value from all of your IoT data.

Analyst Report

In this Forrester IoT heat map, learn why Infrastructure and operations executives must collaborate with their line-of-business partners to identify IoT application priorities and deployment momentum across their organization.


Learn more about IoT, including  the market potential, key challenges related to data management, as well as some of the business and social impacts that IoT can deliver.


In this webinar, hear about the Top 5 IoT use cases and how our customers are using Cloudera Enterprise to drive some of the most compelling IoT use cases.


From connected cars and connected homes to industrial IoT, predictive maintenance, smart cities, usage-based insurance, and healthcare IoT, Cloudera is powering some of the most compelling IoT use cases in the industry today.