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Data Warehousing is the backbone of every data-driven organization.  Modern data warehousing has evolved to meet the data tsunami challenge, and opens up opportunities for a wide variety of high-value BI and analytics use cases that you need to capitalize on.

Traditional data warehouse vendors may have maturity in data storage, modeling, and high-performance analysis, yet, these legacy solutions are showing their age, and can no longer cost-effectively meet these new demands.

Why Optimize Teradata?

With an inability to tackle new and changing modern data warehouse use cases, at an unprecedented scale, Teradata’s proprietary technology and expensive cost of ownership become harder to justify.

The demands of modern data warehousing spans analysis across all data - those that originate from traditional backend business systems to those that come from sensors at the edge. The expectations from data warehousing solutions have gone up significantly, raising questions like:

  • How do we manage the data tsunami while shortening the data warehouse lifecycle?
  • How do we support hundreds of new use cases that arise from making this data available?
  • How do we cost-effectively scale, dynamically, across a choice of environments, spanning the data center and the cloud?

Cloudera’s Modern Data Warehouse answers these questions, and more, with ease.


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