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Across industries and institutions, data is used to enhance customer experiences by harnessing the power of intelligence and predictive analytics. The broad nature of the “customer” across these industries makes it difficult to identify a single solution as user demands and regulatory concerns may differ greatly. In addition, the information coming from customer touchpoints is often scattered and isolated across multiple systems. It’s often stale and unactionable.

Without a unified view of fresh and accurate customer data, marketing efforts are inconsistent, patient needs are not met, cell phone patrons are unhappy, and banks add more risk. The customer experience ultimately suffers, and market share erodes.

Cloudera and Zoomdata, delivering true customer 360 intelligence

The combination of Cloudera’s modern platform for machine learning and advanced analytics, and Zoomdata’s visual analytics software is perfect recipe for true customer 360 intelligence. By providing a dynamic and flexible data platform, Cloudera empowers your business to leverage any data while adapting to changing needs. Zoomdata then takes that power directly to the business user with intuitive visual analytics based on the freshest data available.

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In this series of papers, we look at customer 360 across the financial services, healthcare, retail, and telecommunications industries. We identify the unique considerations for each, and walk through how Cloudera and Zoomdata solve these challenges for users across the globe.

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