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Explore the Power of Time Series Analytics with Cloudera

What do automated maintenance and continuous plant uptime, targeted and personalized customer service and promotion, automated network utility and cost optimization, real-time fraud prevention and threat detection, quality and yield optimization, and continuous operations dashboards all have in common? They all require analysis of time series data!

Time-series data is different from traditional statistical analysis. Time-series data is highly dimensional, combining hundreds of parameters, like oil yield against temperature and pressure, or network quality combined with weather, traffic, or events. Time series data is not a normal distribution. It is complicated following multiple simultaneous processes, that also differ at different times. Time series data is non-stationary, a sliding window of data that is continuously shifting, and we need to detect patterns in real-time over this data that is coming at a changing and rapid pace.

Do You Have The Power To Harness Time-series Data?

So the question is, do you have the storage at scale, processing power, and availability of real-time access to handle all the time-series insights your business demands? Learn how Cloudera Data Warehouse can support the most demanding time-series analytics.


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