Cloudera Manager Features


Cloudera Express


Cloudera Enterprise

Deployment, Configuration & Management
Automated Deployment & Hadoop Readiness Checks
Install the complete CDH stack in minutes and ensure optimal settings
Service Management
Configure and manage all CDH services, including Impala and Search, from a central interface
Security Management
Configure and manage security across the cluster - including Kerberos authentication and role-based (administrator and read-only) administration
Resource Management
Allocate cluster resources by workload or by user/group/application to eliminate contention and ensure Quality-of-Service (QoS)
High Availability
Easily configure and manage High Availability for various services like HDFS, MapReduce, Oozie, YARN, HBase
Client Configuration Management
Centrally configure all client access to the cluster
Node Templating
Easily deploy and expand heterogeneous clusters by creating templates for node roles
Comprehensive Workflows
Perform end-to-end tasks such as start/stop/restart clusters, services and roles, add/delete hosts, decommission nodes etc.
Multi-Cluster Management
Manage multiple CDH clusters from a single instance of Cloudera Manager
Service, Host & Activity Monitoring
Get a consolidated, real-time view of the state of all services, hosts and activities running in the cluster
Events & Alerts
Create, aggregate and receive alerts on relevant Hadoop events pertaining to system health, log messages, user actions and activities Set thresholds and create custom alerts for metrics collected by CM
Global Time Control
Correlate all views along a configurable timeline to simplify diagnosis
Proactive Health Checks
Monitor dozens of service performance metrics and get alerts you when you approach critical thresholds
Visualize health status and metrics across the cluster to quickly identify problem nodes and take action
Customizable Charts
Report and visualize on key time-series metrics about services, roles and hosts
Intelligent Log Management
Gather, view and search Hadoop logs collected from across the cluster
Comprehensive API
Easily integrate Cloudera Manager with your existing enterprise-wide management and monitoring tools
3rd Party Application Management
Deploy, manage and monitor services for 3rd party applications running on the cluster (e.g. data integration tools, math/machine learning applications, non-CDH services etc.)
Advanced Management Features (Enabled by Subscription)
Operational Report & Quota Management
Visualize current and historical disk usage; set user and group-based quotas; and track MapReduce, Impala, YARN and HBase usage
Configuration History & Rollbacks
Maintain a trail of all actions and a complete record of configuration changes, including the ability to roll back to previous states
Rolling Updates
Stage service updates and restarts to portions of the cluster sequentially to minimize downtime when upgrading or updating your cluster
AD Kerberos Integration
Integrate directly with Active Directory to get started easily with Kerberos
Kerberos Wizard
Easily configure Kerberos and trigger automated workflows to secure clusters
Hadoop SSL Related Configs
Simplify configs and eliminates need for safety valves
LDAP/SAML Integration
Integrate user credentials with Active Directory and enable single sign-on (SSO) capabilities
SNMP Support
Send Hadoop-specific events and alerts to global monitoring tools as SNMP traps
Scheduled Diagnostics
Take a snapshot of the cluster state and automatically send it to Cloudera support to assist with optimization and issue resolution
Automated Backup & Disaster Recovery
Centrally configure and manage snapshotting and replication workflows for HDFS, Hive and HBase