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The key to leveraging big data is to use enterprise resources to inform agency strategies, enabling better decisions through analysis of more data, including current and historical information. In addition, advanced analytics allow government professionals to challenge conventional thinking about trends, patterns, and other factors that drive their actions. Increasingly, Federal enterprises are embracing the notion of pervasive analytics – analytics, automated and ad-hoc alike, present throughout all phases of a workflow – to become better informed and equipped to derive value from their rapidly-growing data resources. Few would dispute that most agencies need to identify more efficient ways of delivering secure, reliable government information and services, yet just how to do that remains a long-standing challenge. Plan to attend this interactive dialogue to hear from Federal IT and program managers who are applying predictive analytics to form a deeper understanding and connection between their organizations and data assets. Learn how they got started, sustain leadership support, measure progress, and put their information assets to work for meaningful results. This session will explore the benefits of emerging analytics strategies, and provide practical recommendations on program staffing, planning, management, and alignment with agency mission and business requirements.