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Given the expanding attack surface in today’s computing environments, IT professionals are struggling to protect sensitive systems and data from internal and external threats. Despite the best efforts of many vendors providing thousands of products, attackers are still able to compromise agency systems, and these attacks often go unnoticed for months, if at all. A primary reason for this problem is the inability of these point products to share information and provide cohesive situational awareness of an organization’s overall security posture, with specific risk factors and potential threats. With this in mind, NetIQ is working on an approach that consolidates security information into a big data architecture--based on identity--that leverages standards-based methods to encourage intelligence sharing as it is developed by point solutions. Plan to attend this session to learn how to construct a detailed picture of your threat landscape based on identity, with each product contributing its value-added information. Invest the time to understand how to enable quick detection and mitigation of cyberattacks before they cause undue damage with comprehensive and actionable security intelligence throughout the threat lifecycle.