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Regardless of the mission or mandate, data security is “Issue One” for most organizations. Whether the focus is on constituent tax records or other PII, protected health information (PHI), sensitive agency correspondence, or financial transactions, absent proven methods for continuous information assurance, enterprises lose their ability to function effectively or maintain user confidence. Those focused on leveraging the value of enterprise data resources agree that the success of data analytics programs is undeniably tied to the level of trust that users have in the tools and technologies they use to collect, store, and exploit their data resources. To address the paramount concern for data integrity, this expert panel will discuss how their organizations are enabling compliant and trusted operational security for their enterprise data sources for advanced, pervasive analytical capabilities. This is a one-time opportunity to hear directly from those who are using the tools and systems, including Apache Hadoop and an enterprise data hub (EDH), to evolve their IT architectures, to enable effective analytics, and to move towards unified management and security of their data assets and information frameworks.