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Apache HBase is a distributed, scalable, NoSQL database for Big Data built on Hadoop. HBase can store data in massive tables consisting of billions of rows and millions of columns, serve data to many users and applications in near real time, and provide fast, random read/write access to users and applications. HBase provides the advantage of a columnar structure for data management and access that is both familiar from traditional databases and can be developed into a variety of flexible, responsive Big Data applications. Cloudera recently rolled out an expanded four-day Training for Apache HBase curriculum that provides developers and administrators the knowledge to determine when and how to use HBase alongside other tools, design optimal schemas, and identify, avoid, and resolve performance bottlenecks. The additional training days focus on more hands-on exercises, coding and the API, and a deeper dive into the Thrift interface with Python. Participants will get experience with some of the most common and challenging scenarios HBase specialists see in the real world and become familiar with the most up-to-date details of the platform. Learn who is best suited to attend the full training, what prior knowledge you should have, and what topics the course covers. Understand the skills you will attain during the course and how they will help you move make the most of your HBase deployment in development or production and prepare for the Cloudera Certified Specialist in Apache HBase (CCSHB) exam. In this video you will also see a short portion of the actual Cloudera HBase course, providing an overview of accessing data with the HBase API and doing Scan operations with both Java and Python.

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