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As discussed in the webinar, “Compliance-Ready Hadoop”, there are four pillars of security that must be achieved to offer comprehensive security. Cloudera offers all four: perimeter, access, data, and visibility. In this webinar, we will focus on the pillar of data. With Cloudera’s recent acquisition of Gazzang, Cloudera is able to protect your data through encryption and powerful key management - all integrated into Cloudera Navigator. This webinar discusses how you can use Navigator capabilities such as Encrypt and Key Trustee to secure data and enable compliance. Additionally, we will discuss our joint work with Intel on Project Rhino (an initiative to improve data security in Hadoop). We also hear from a security architect at a financial services company that is using encryption and key management to meet financial regulatory requirements. This is a technical webinar discussing features including Encrypt, Key Trustee, Process-Based Access Controls, and Rhino Encryption.

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