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Cloudera Enterprise BDR delivers centralized disaster recovery for data and metadata, enabling you to prepare for disaster by moving data to your secondary site automatically. Cloudera Navigator 1.0 provides data governance capabilities such as verifying access privileges and auditing access to all data stored in Hadoop, which are critical for customers that are in highly regulated industries and have stringent compliance requirements This presentation will teach you how to centrally configure and manage replication workflows for files (HDFS) and metadata (Hive); consistently meet or exceed SLAs and RTOs through simplified management and process automation; track access permissions and actual accesses to all data objects in Hive; HBase, and HDFS; Answer the questions, who has access to which data object, which data objects were accessed by a user, when was a data object accessed and by whom, what data assets were accessed using a service, and which device was used to access.

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