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Over the years, federal agencies have built solutions aimed at specific business problems: relational databases for transaction processing, data warehouse systems for analysis and exploration, document management systems for storing and searching documents, and application solutions such as ERP to run major function areas in government. At the same time, in volume, in variety and in velocity, there is more data streaming in than ever before. As the data grows, it becomes increasingly burdensome to move around for each new question of analysis. Compliance regulation and risk management grow more complex and expensive. Worst of all, no single system contains the complete collection of enterprise and mission data that organizations need in order to drive government forward. Across government, agencies are tackling these challenges head-on by building out a new capability in their data centers. They deploy a new platform, an enterprise data hub, that puts data at the center of the agency to give them the power and flexibility to be information-driven at a superior return-on-investment relative to traditional data management offerings.

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