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Your new best friends, data nerds

Cloudera Fast Forward Labs can accelerate your machine learning strategy.

Business case, meet applied machine learning

Companies that effectively apply machine learning can drive efficiency through automation and create new business opportunities. We know, because our customers are doing it:

  • A bank is creating 80% of its compliance documentation through natural language generation
  • An accounting firm is using summarization techniques to reissue guidance to customers when a tax law changes
  • A hospital is using deep learning image analysis to improve surgical procedures through robotics

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Not just up to date, ahead of it

A Cloudera Fast Forward Labs research subscription is the best way to keep up with the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Every quarter, we publish a research report and prototypes highlighting emerging machine learning capabilities that will be useful in the next two years. The prototypes prove the algorithms, reduce risk and uncertainty, and shorten time to value. Our advising services expand on the research and help you apply machine learning to your specific line of work, keeping you ahead of the curve.

An all-access pass to the future

When you subscribe to Cloudera Fast Forward Labs, you can access all of our research reports and prototypes, as well as a weekly newsletter with updates on new research and developments in the field. The service also includes four hours per month of remote consulting to support your data and machine learning efforts.

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Recent reports and prototypes


Semantic recommendations

In this report, we show how using the semantic content of items can help solve common recommendation pitfalls such as the cold start problem, and open up new product possibilities.


In this report, we show how to make models interpretable without sacrificing their capabilities or accuracy.

Probabilistic programming

Here, we show how to use probabilistic programming and Bayesian inference to easily build tools that make better predictions for more effective decision making.


Learn how to use deep learning and embeddings to make text computable for a variety of business applications and products.

Deep learning: Image analysis

This report explores the history and current state of deep learning, explains how to apply it, and predicts future developments.

Probabilistic methods for realtime streams

Here, we explore probabilistic methods that offer highly efficient models for extracting value from streams of data as they are generated.

Natural language generation

In this report, we look at how machine systems can turn highly structured data into human language narrative.

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