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Epsilon is the global leader in helping clients create customer connections that build brand and business equity. An Alliance Data company, Epsilon is a market leader with a wide range of offerings including digital, loyalty, data, email, direct mail, mobile, social media, and agency services.


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An Alliance Data company, Epsilon is a market leader with a wide range of offerings including digital, loyalty, data, email, direct mail, mobile, social media, and agency services. The company has found success by combining its team of digital marketing experts with a technology infrastructure that supports the dynamic demands of communicating and delivering loyalty rewards to millions of customers. Epsilon supports a blue-chip portfolio of clients including Dunkin' Donuts, FedEx, JP Morgan Chase, and Walgreens. To address today’s digital markets, Epsilon has built a new omni-channel solution called Agility Harmony™ on top of its Cloudera enterprise data hub (EDH).


Epsilon set out to build a next-generation marketing solution that would help its clients gain a 360-degree customer view so they could deliver the right message to the right audience, at the right time, and on the right device or channel. The marketing solution would need to ingest, process, and act upon massive quantities of data, much of that being unstructured text-based messaging.

Our research quickly led us to Apache Hadoop, which excels at handling the huge volumes of data we have, and subsequently to Cloudera, the longest standing and largest provider of Hadoop-based software, support, and services.

Bob Zurek, Senior Vice President, Products, Epsilon

Epsilon’s Cloudera-powered EDH provides a platform capable of handling a variety of different workloads. It also is highly effective in coordinating the wide number of communication channels the company uses. The technology needed to be able to rapidly ingest massive amounts of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data; frequently exceeding ten petabytes (PB) of information.

As much as we were impressed by Hadoop, we viewed Impala as the game changer for us. It runs natively in Hadoop and enables us to give our clients the ability to expediently segment their own campaign lists using all the available data. Being able to perform complex partitioning allows for far greater granularity and personalization, and Impala’s open source, interactive SQL capabilities enable clients to greatly enhance the effectiveness of each of their campaigns.

Bob Zurek, Senior Vice President, Products, Epsilon

Impact: Capabilities, Cost, and Confidence

The new architecture permits Epsilon to offer clients immediate access to all information relating to every campaign they’ve ever conducted. With the EDH, Epsilon is leveraging a comprehensive set of data for its customers and recently introduced the ability to spontaneously combine offline data with online data; this helps customers enrich their own segmentation models and enhance the relevance of the end consumer’s online experience.

Agility Harmony offers a centralized solution for managing email and cross-channel campaigns, along with real-time optimization of results.

We’ve been told that this is one of the best end user experiences ever seen in the campaign management space. And all of this is based on the new platform.

Bob Zurek, Senior Vice President, Products, Epsilon

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