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Klarna helps remove friction at the point of sale for both the customer and the merchant. Customers don’t need to remember a card number, or even have a credit card. For merchants, the conversion rate is improved by huge numbers. These services need to be fed by reliable data, which meant the company needed a robust, scalable data architecture.


All heavy data processing is now carried out through Hortonworks Data Platform. The platform has proven to be a workhorse, handling all Klarna’s mission critical data transformations.


Through the scalability of the platform Klarna has seen growth of 60% year over year. The company has been able to take on new merchants and enter new markets.

Thanks to the scalability of the platform, we had no problems growing 60% year over year, taking on bigger merchants, and entering new markets. The data infrastructure is just there and it just works.

-Erik Zeitler, Senior Data Engineer