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RocketROI: Increasing Customer Conversion Rates by as much as 3,000 Percent

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Using a Cloudera enterprise data hub, RocketROI can deliver the real-time reporting its clients need to more precisely target online customers.  As a result, RocketROI customers have seen significant performance improvements —with some customers reporting a more than 3,000 percent increases in sales and conversions.


RocketROI  provides a real-time, cross-channel, software-as-a-service (SaaS) performance marketing solution that enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to more precisely target online customers. This results in improved clickthrough rates (CTR) and quality levels, and a dramatically lowered cost per click (CPC).

Using a Cloudera enterprise data hub, RocketROI can deliver the real-time reporting its clients need and grow without performance or storage limits. With real-time insight into consumer response, RocketROI customers have gained significant improvements in ad performance—with some customers reporting more than a 3,000 percent increase in sales and conversions.


With an enterprise-ready data platform capable of ingesting, processing, and serving rapidly changing data in real time, RocketROI’s SaaS platform helps advertisers identify the best marketing strategy and channels for more profitable results.

The numbers are staggering. One ad agency achieved a more than 800 percent increase in product sales for its clients, while reducing customer acquisition costs by 92 percent. A toy company saw sales increase an astounding 3,000 percent daily.  Similarly, an international home decor retailer saw a 3,000 percent growth in conversions and a 400 percent increase in its advertising ROI. And a travel agency reduced its CPA (cost per acquisition) 71 percent and increased its ROI for online advertising by 311 percent.

“Our technology allows advertisers to manage all the ‘long-tail keywords,’ opens tens of new markets, and gets the best bid for each keyword,” said Albert Morcillo, founder of RocketROI. “SMBs can see their investment across advertising channels in a unique dashboard, manage bigger accounts without increasing their staff, and receive suggestions of how to improve the spend on advertising.”

Additionally, the ability to offer real-time analytics has freed RocketROI to build new products and expand access to its services worldwide while maintaining high performance for all users.

“We can get more clients with better bidding decisions, and build better tools, all thanks to Cloudera,” said Ignacio Rodés, CEO at RocketROI. “We have opened in three new countries—Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina—and increased our sales by 30 percent.”

This is just the beginning," added Ignacio. We expect to add three new channels and achieve a 1,000 percent increase in new users by the end of 2017, with a 400 percent increase on revenue.”

Business Drivers

RocketROI provides an intuitive software tool that allows SMBs to easily create, manage, and optimize their online advertising campaigns. To deliver rich analytic functionality in real time to its clients, RocketROI executives needed a fast operational database that could serve insight with low latency and that would provide end users continuous access to the data.

“We need to manage and display high volumes of data in real time,” said Albert. “We tried a lot of technologies—Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Druid, etc.—to find the best solution for our needs. Only Cloudera Enterprise, with Apache Kudu, allows us to assure a high query throughput, to deliver high availability with zero downtime, to scale our systems as we need, and to continue developing fast.”


Cloudera Enterprise provides RocketROI with an enterprise-grade data platform capable of delivering real-time online reporting for its clients. The platform  supports advanced algorithms and extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes that analyze over one billion keywords a day.

“Our technology obtains feeds from our customers’ BI [business intelligence] systems to create campaign structures automatically in online media channels, like Google, Facebook, or Amazon,” said Albert. “It creates the best combination of ads, keywords, segmentations, etc. to achieve a customer’s goal for each product. If a product is out of stock or removed, we automatically pause the ad to stop spending money.

“Our optimization algorithms learn from the account history and modify the bids according to the customer’s BI goals. This process is done several times per day. When a goal is achieved, it automatically activates secondary goals to reduce costs and improve performance. The budget tools distribute the advertiser’s budget through different media channels to get the best performance.”

Cloudera makes use of Apache Kudu’s ability to do NoSQL-like random reads, writes, and updates alongside its capacity to support multiple real-time analytic workloads across a single storage layer.

Explained Albert, “Cloudera Enterprise with Kudu gives us the performance we need. Now, we can perform a lot of complex queries with quick time response and open our tool to clients worldwide, with the knowledge that our tool will scale without problems.”

Deploying the Cloudera platform on Amazon Web Services helps Rocket ROI gain greater agility while reducing costs.

“By deploying Cloudera in the cloud we can easily scale our infrastructure as we grow,” said Albert. “We spent only what we need to offer the best services to our current clients and then can scale as we add new clients.”


Cloudera Support helps RocketROI proactively identify and resolve performance issues before they can impact users.

Cloudera Support gives our IT team additional security and confidence to help us deliver uninterrupted service to our clients,” said Albert. “Now, we are sure our data will not be lost and the system will not crash.”

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