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Rowan Companies (Rowan) is a global provider of offshore contract drilling services. Its fleet operates in the United States Gulf of Mexico, the United Kingdom and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea, the Middle East, and Trinidad, and it includes ultra-deepwater drillships and premium and high-specification jack-up rigs. For more than 90 years, Rowan has provided safe, reliable, and efficient drilling services to its clients. 


Rowan’s offshore drillships can be located in remote parts of the world where intermittent satellite connectivity—along with network latency and bandwidth issues—make communication with onshore support very difficult. Without access to real-time data, offshore crews operate with a limited capacity for remote support. 

Recognizing the need for reliable offshore-to-onshore connectivity for global, near real-time data access and advanced scalability, the Rowan team worked to develop a competitive strategy that would capitalize on the Internet of Things (IoT). This initiative began with identifying fundamental technologies to fuel the IoT effort.


Rowan implemented the Hortonworks and Kepware solutions on its first drillship in less than 90 days, utilizing 3,200 tags and 50 kilobytes of bandwidth. Rowan plans to expand this implementation across 25 rigs within six months. When complete, the solution will utilize up to 10,000 tags and 150 kilobytes of bandwidth. 

Rowan can now remotely monitor certain conditions, some of them critical. With predictive analytics and maintenance forecasting, Rowan expects to reduce downtime and alleviate future troubleshooting trips to the rigs. In addition, Rowan will be able to comply with the important BSEE regulations going into effect in 2019.