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With revenues of more than US$13 billion in 2013, SFR is the second largest telecommunications operator in France. It serves more than 21 million mobile clients and delivers high-speed wired internet to 5.2 million households. In addition to consumers, SFR has 160,000 business, government, and community clients. Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Paris, France, the company’s approximately 9,000 employees provide a wide portfolio of mobile, fixed, Internet, and television services


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By complementing its data warehouse infrastructure with Cloudera Enterprise, Data Hub Edition, SFR is delivering the 360-degree view that will help the company optimize the customer journey. Many of SFR’s employees now have a self-service discovery environment enabling query and exploration of a single, centralized data store.

MongoDB is interconnected with the Cloudera data hub, “exposing” the data processed in Cloudera using the MongoDB connector on both sides. The Cloudera platform is dedicated to collecting data and doing all the analytics, while MongoDB feeds SFR’s front-office tools.

Users have the ability to access the data in Cloudera via a variety of tools that support their diverse needs. Impala is leveraged by SQL and BI users who have direct interaction with the EDH through the tools they’re comfortable with: IBM SPSS (accommodating up to 500 users), Qlik, and Microsoft BI. Cloudera Search will be the day-to-day tool that makes it easy for employees to explore the data in Hadoop without running SQL queries or MapReduce commands.

Impact: A Better Customer Experience

With its enterprise data hub, SFR is empowering employees across the country to operate based on a centralized, real-time customer view that spans many devices and data sources. For the first time, SFR has the capacity to ingest, store, and analyze log data, from which the company may glean previously hidden customer insights by combining that data with other data sets.

Impact: An Optimized IT Ecosystem

SFR’s integration of its Cloudera EDH with the existing data warehouse has resulted in a best-of-breed Big Data ecosystem that’s delivering maximum operational efficiency. By offloading large-scale data ingest, processing, and exploration of multi-structured data sets from the data warehouse to Cloudera, the data warehouse now has more capacity to focus on what it was built for: high-performance analytics and access to the company’s “first-class data.”

Cloudera Manager and Sentry play key roles in streamlining the operational efficiency of SFR’s data hub, offering robust system management and security.

Instead of upgrading our [data warehouse] environment every three years, the system will deliver optimal performance for eight or nine years now.

Francois Nguyen, Director, Systems Integration Decisions and Relationship Marketing, SFR

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