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50% reduction in processing time for hundreds of TBS data

Key Highlights

  • Processing hundreds of TBs of data, accelerated speed by 50%
  • Reduced response time by 70%
  • Single customer view
  • Risk mitigation and compliance with GDPR

One of the world's largest insurers, Zurich Insurance Group has been creating and fulfilling insurance products for more than 140 years. Commonly known as Zurich, and headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, the company operates both globally and locally, with around 55,000 employees serving customers’ needs in more than 170 countries.


Zurich’s main challenge was how to extract value from IoT sensor data and JSON files within its data lake, which were characterized by great variation and complexity. Doing this would improve risk assessment and enable the creation of personalized service offerings tailored to customers’ specific needs.


HDP provides Zurich with a single, flexible, and secure location where all its external and internal data can be located and curated. Its flexibility gives the company the ability to run multiple workloads for different use-cases, both operational and analytical. Zurich is also using Cloudbreak to establish its new big data environment in the cloud with Microsoft Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS).


This analytics solution is processing hundreds of TBs of data, taking 50% of the time it was before. It also is compliant with the legal requirements across various countries, such as GDPR and the Germany Data Protection Act. Also, Cloudbreak has not only accelerated the speed to process the data, but also has reduced the response time for new business requirements by 70%.

We needed to adopt a big data technology platform to enable us to evolve our services and innovate products; as well as to mitigate the impact of poor risk assessments on the business. With data driven insights, greater accuracy can be delivered across the board, which can ultimately drive more accurate policies and reduce corporate liability.

-José Luis Sánchez, Head of Big Data Operations, Zurich Insurance