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Key Highlights


  • Improved overall customer experience through strategic use of data analysis

  • Reduced infrastructure management costs and TCO

  • Enabled real time actions to improve business outcomes

Ooredoo Group is an international communications company operating across the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. Serving consumers and businesses in 10 countries, Ooredoo delivers the leading data experience through a broad range of content and services via its advanced, data-centric mobile and fixed networks.


In the past five years, the operator experienced a sharp growth in the amount of data stored in its repositories. With the need to preserve Call Data Records (CDR) to adhere to regulatory and compliance laws, Ooredoo Kuwait was finding it progressively more difficult to gather valuable insights since its datasets were siloed in legacy technologies. Due to high maintenance costs and total cost of ownership, the operator needed to create a data lake for in-depth analysis of customer records and other types of data.

Since targeting customers based on spending is no longer accurate, Ooredoo Kuwait was looking for a way to provide better customer segmentation through network analytics. With a large number of logs – whether business or consumer, using either mobile or fixed services, Ooredoo Kuwait needed a comprehensive platform to scrutinize customer network traffic at scale as well as analyze usage metrics and communication channels, in order to provide a better service and take the right actions.


Ooredoo Kuwait needed a secure and flexible big data solution that would bring flexibility, reliability and speed to the various complex data sets and analytics, to better fulfill its business and regulatory responsibilities. The organization was also looking for a suitable platform to enable better visibility into customer behavior and preferences, in order to keep pace with customer service expectations and improve their overall experience.

“It was vital for us to find a partner who could help us enhance the customer experience by enabling delivery of the right information at the right time. It all comes down to having the best infrastructure behind our vast amounts of data. We needed to adopt a big data technology system which would allow us to evolve our services and innovate products. With data driven insights, greater accuracy can be delivered across the board, which ultimately drives more accurate policies,” said Hassan El-Chami, Chief Technology & Information Officer, Ooredoo Kuwait. 

As part of the new big data stack, Ooredoo Kuwait deployed Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) and Apache Kafka, in order to tackle a variety of critical use cases all within a single system – including stream processing, log aggregation, large-scale messaging and customer insight at large – leading to a more efficient and scalable way of analyzing data through interactive dashboards.


Following a 3-year study evaluating the huge volumes of data use on its network and having seen growth in CDR, Ooredoo Kuwait was able to offload the data records from their previous legacy database to a big data system with Cloudera in a very straightforward manner. This provided substantial cost-savings.

Cloudera’s platform has also helped Ooredoo Kuwait to upload vast amounts of data and link these with tangible customer information to get a better understanding of customer segments. This has allowed its marketing teams to excel, by enhancing customer value management with real-time triggers. CDP allows analysis of the data and dashboard generation, which can then inform marketing efforts.

The benefits for Ooredoo Kuwait have been clear from the very start – not only has the partnership with Cloudera streamlined our infrastructure spend and solved the question of where to store the ever-growing amount of data produced by the business, but we have benefited from other changes that have made us able to continue to compete in a challenging marketplace.

-Hassan El-Chami, Chief Technology & Information Officer, Ooredoo Kuwait

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