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80% accuracy in delivery times

Key highlights




Headquarters: Plano, Texas, US

Solution highlights

  • Modern Data Platform: Cloudera Enterprise
  • Workloads: Analytic Database, Data Science & Engineering
  • Key Components: Apache Kafka, Apache Kudu, Cloudera Data Science Workbench
  • BI & Analytics Tool: Tableau
  • Cloud Platform: Amazon Web Services

Applications supported

  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer 360


  • 80 percent increased accuracy in estimating delivery times
  • Real-time enterprise view of customers and operations for improved decision making
  • Return on investment in just months with agile cloud platform

Pizza Hut is building a modern pizza experience—improving the accuracy of delivery time estimates by 80 percent and enhancing the customer experience—with a modern machine learning and analytics platform in the cloud from Cloudera.

Founded nearly 60 years ago by two brothers with a $600 loan from their mom, Pizza Hut today has grown to more than 16,000 restaurants and 350,000 team members in more than 100 countries.  


Pizza Hut has long pushed the boundaries when it comes to product innovation (Stuffed Crust Pizza anyone?) and service. It was the first national chain enabling customers to order pizza for delivery over the Internet; the first to launch an iPhone ordering application; and the first to enable gamers to order pizza directly from their xBoxes. It was even the first to deliver pizza to the International Space Station.

Today, that innovation continues. “We are focused on owning and defining the modern pizza experience for our customers,” said Sangeeth Ponathil, director, Enterprise Data Services and IT Strategy, Pizza Hut International. “We want to make it easy for our customers to get a better pizza, and data is at the heart of our strategy.”

To deliver the modern pizza experience, Pizza Hut needed a modern platform for machine learning and analytics. With the company’s legacy data warehouses, staff couldn’t gain the unified view necessary to better identify customer needs across channels and increase engagement. Additionally, operational staff often had to rely on data that was 24 hours old--slowing response to market opportunities.


Pizza Hut teamed with Cloudera to gain a real-time enterprise view of customers and operations, and create a Customer 360 (C360) platform that interprets customer behavior for targeted, personalized experiences across all channels.  

“Our modern data platform caters to the need of multiple use cases, including a centralized analytical environment for business analysts and data scientists and a real-time data pipeline that, once fully integrated with operational and digital systems, will increase agility in decision making and actioning,” said Ponathil.  


Speed of Adoption for its new platform was critical to match the pace of the business needs. “Our decision to implement Cloudera on Amazon Web Services was key in standing up a scalable, reliable production environment within six weeks and adding business value within a matter of a few months,” said Ponathil.


With this modern data platform, Pizza Hut staff can now see in real-time how the business is performing and take action more quickly as a result to improve operations. They can also use machine learning to predict delivery times with 80 percent more accuracy and ultimately better engage with customers.

Having real time data from 6,000 locations, our website and app in the Cloudera data platform gives us many opportunities to truly influence a real-time delivery experience and fuel our growth.

-Sangeeth Ponathil, Director, Enterprise Data Services and IT Strategy, Pizza Hut International